Mobile Success Story



Growth in Donations

The charity saw an increase in donations and experienced a 5% growth in foot traffic.


A local chain of children’s charities wanted to increase the amount of charitable donations it was receiving across its territories. In addition to increasing donations, it was planning to host a fundraising event in 2 months and wanted to promote awareness for and gain attendees for its event.


The charity was experiencing a shortage of donations and wished to increase donations by at least 10%.  The client had only promoted itself through traditional marketing in the past and was eager to get a digital campaign running. For the event, the client was interested in targeting mid and higher income areas within the surrounding communities. Specifically, the client wanted to target the parents of children in grades K-12.


For the mobile portion of this campaign we used polygonning technology, which targets mobile devices within a digitally precise border, we implemented the following tactics:

  • Device Lookback Targeting:
    Targeting mobile devices previously seen in the client’s location as well as charity events in the area, community outreach programs, schools, etc.
  • Device Matching:
    Targeting mobile devices like those seen in the surrounding school areas to the charity based on matched patterns and behaviors.
  • Audience Targeting:
    Targeting premade mobile Mom & Family and Household Decision Maker audiences based on interest indicators, locations, shopping behaviors, etc.
  • Campaign Retargeting:
    Targeting the users who previously clicked on their mobile in-app ads to
    continue retargeting them.

The Results

Since implementing the campaign, the charity reporting a 15% increase in the donation of children’s clothing. The charity also reported a 5% increase in foot traffic to its location over the two-month period. These results motivated the charity the extend this digital campaign. Due to the success of the mobile campaign, the client also added Social and Display campaigns to its marketing mix.