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End-to-End Capabilities

Recrue Media provides end-to-end capabilities to help marketers and agencies reap the benefits of fluid data, consolidated reporting, and unique synergies such as search remarketing with display ads. Our programmatic services help clients integrate solutions, simplify and architect ad tech solutions, and fully realize the efficiency and performance gains of programmatic platforms.

Continued Support and Training for Beginner or Experienced Account Managers


Platform Implementation

Deployment, setup, QA, and on-demand troubleshooting.


Platform Transition

Transitions to Google Marketing Platform, The Trade Desk and other environments from other solutions.

Platform Training

End-to-end training from platform fundamentals to advanced techniques, custom training seminars, online FAQs, and new feature support and training.

Recrue Media gives your team personal guidance.

We assist with platform selection for agencies launching in-house programmatic strategies.

We provide API integrations and company-branded dashboards for real-time account updates.

Once your campaign is live, we conduct end-to-end audits reviewing account performance, data analysis, and cost opportunities.

Why Recrue Media?


Recrue Media services are flexible enough to change with your client’s demands. Calibrate service levels and budgets to augment staff during peak times and dial back during off-peak periods.


We understand the margin crushing nature of fixed costs in a growing revenue stream.  We provide transparency to understand where your dollars are being spent and flexibility to scale up and down your engagement as the revenue dictates without overburdening your financials with a huge inhouse team. We will even help you build capabilities in-house as you grow, while providing flexibility and support along the way.


We have built our team with digital marketing natives and a traditional media backbone.  We understand cutting edge technology and the local client space.  And as programmatic experts with a 11-year track record of success, we take a collaborative, consultative approach. Our purpose is to lend our expertise to your business strategy to help you drive results.


Effective digital campaign management demands a constant re-evaluation of how teams leverage inventory sources to create campaigns that meet client expectations. We’re focused on helping you get started and stay on top of the latest tactics, technologies, and industry trends.

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