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Recrue Media helps you streamline the process of launching or transforming your programmatic offering. Migrating to programmatic platforms while managing ongoing client demands is a significant undertaking, but Recrue Media understands the needs of complex clients and is uniquely positioned to help your agency quickly get up and running with training and implementation support, or fully-managed service.

We launch campaigns in as little as 24 hours!


The Recrue Media team can set up your campaigns and implement ad tags and trackers the right way so your performance data flows seamlessly. Take over management right away or have Recrue Media provide auxiliary support when your teams are stretched.

Recrue Media also provides sales support, helping you deliver and win RFPs by providing programmatic strategy and estimated performance across display, video, social, native, audio, and search.

Whatever your engagement level, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be your single point of contact for support, training, and implementation so nothing falls through the cracks.

When you’re ready, we’ll train you to take over.



Recrue Media works with agencies to fast-track their training, proficiency, and platform usage. We’ve built the expertise to help agencies develop their own programmatic trading desks through hands-on training, online reference materials, and new feature support. Clients also get access to a console that provides access to quick, actionable insights on delivery, performance, and cost through a central location.


Ways we engage

Recrue Media services are flexible enough to change with your client’s demands. Calibrate service levels and budgets to augment staff during peak times and dial back during off-peak periods.

Implementation & Support


Self Service

  • For experience media buying teams
  • Onboarding, training, periodic support
  • 24/7 reporting tools


  • For clients with limited experience but aspiring to managing their own programs. 
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Team training
  • Campaign strategy consultation
  • Ongoing tech support and strategic direction

White Glove

  • For clients with limited in-house ad ops and strategy resources
  • Dedicated account resources
  • Full service campaign set up, execution, and optimization
  • Regular meeting cadence for status updates, training, and performance reviews
  • Client facing material for proposal development and post campaign reporting


Investment of resources is a simpler task when costs are transparent. Recrue Media provides well defined pricing and the freedom to adjust your engagement levels, allowing you the flexibility to adapt to market conditions. 


As programmatic and monetization experts, we take a consultative approach to your revenue generation goals. Our singular focus is to provide our expertise to your business strategy to deliver results. 


Effective digital campaign management demands a constant re-evaluation of how teams leverage inventory sources to create campaigns that meet client expectations. We’re focused on helping you get started and stay on top of the latest tactics, technologies, and industry trends.

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