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Led by Jason Fairchild, Co-Founder of OpenX and recognized leader in the programmatic advertising industry, Recrue Media’s publisher services division offers multiple levels of engagement around three core offerings designed to drive publisher yields.


Ad Stack Consulting

Recrue Media will provide expert, ongoing consulting to continuously review and improve your demand stack and audience packaging.  The programmatic ad space is rapidly evolving and it’s vitally important to understand and adopt current technology trends and best practices in order to get full and fair value for every single ad impression you generate via your media properties.  We advise across display, native, audio, OTT & video formats.

Monetization Platforms & Partnerships

We continuously review and identify emerging ad technologies and monetization solutions that deliver the optimal user experience and monetization rates.   Adtech partnerships include DSPs and SSPs, Native ad  companies, video player companies and video recommendation + monetization platforms.

Inventory Representation

We will represent your digital ad inventory to the various exchanges to ensure your inventory is exposed to the most efficient demand in the industry.  We work across open and PMP inventory sets, and have unique partnerships in place two help include your inventory with well established open market platforms and unique PMP packages.   We manage inventory representation across display, audio and video/OTT.

Monetize Your Website with Primis

from Recrue Media

Recrue Media has partnered with the leading Video Discovery Platform to bring you the most advanced technology with video ad delivery. Place the unit on your website pages to immediately begin generating revenue. It’s as easy as it sounds. 


Why Recrue Media?


You’re better positioned to invest resources when costs are transparent. Recrue  provides clear pricing and the ability to adjust your engagement levels, giving you more flexibility than the average digital marketer. We will help you build capabilities in-house as you grow, while providing flexibility and support along the way


As programmatic experts with a 12-year track record of success, we take a collaborative, consultative approach. Our purpose is to lend our programmatic expertise to your business strategy to help you drive results.


Programmatic demands a fundamental shift in how teams run campaigns in order to meet performance expectations in order to compete with the sales teams of Google & Faceboook. We’re focused on helping you get started and stay on top of the latest tactics, technologies, and industry trends

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