Facebook Success Story

Retail: National Hardwood Flooring


Increase in Website Visitors

We reached 90,000 people on Facebook!


This client is a national hardwood flooring company that has a growing selection of flooring options. For example, dome of their flooring options include solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, cork & bamboo, laminate & vinyl, as well as molding, accessories and other supplies.


The company wished to improve and increase their website traffic as well as foot-traffic to their stores. More specifically, the client wished to increase awareness and sales during a special spring promotion offering products for up to 50% off. The biggest challenge for this client was the tight competition from both local and national flooring companies as this client had both local stores and shipped nationally. The client wanted to promote brand awareness to thousands of potential clients across many different market areas.

In summary, the client wished to:

  • Improve and expand on store activity and website visits.
  • Increase purchases as they were running a spring special promotion with products up to 50% off.


We designed an effective strategy to work towards meeting the expectations that the client had from us. First, we worked towards understanding the client’s entire business and then we thoroughly analyzed all the routes we could further optimize their budget.

Thanks to our goal-oriented team of experts we came up with an effective strategy that:

  • Targeted Facebook users ages 25-65 – catering very well to a homeowner audience
  • Included outreach in order to drive users to their site that had shown interest in HGTV, DIY renovations, hardwood floors, home construction, wood flooring general contractors, installation technicians, interior design, etc.
  • Used retargeting to increase frequency to drive conversions – to those that have already shown interest in their store and products.

The Results

The combined strategies implemented in this campaign far exceeded the client’s goals. The client reported that the number of purchases during the promotion doubled. This campaign reached over 90,000 Facebook users almost effortlessly. In addition to the sales, the unique visitors to the site increased by 30%.