Mobile to Social Success Story

Local Event Planner

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A local event planner was looking to increase awareness and attendance for a food and wine festival debuting in a mid-sized market. This festival was to be the first of what the client hoped to be an annual event depending on audience turn out. The festival was hosting variety of local vendors, artists, and wineries.


Because this was the debut of the food and wine festival, the client was worried there wouldn’t be a large turnout. In order to make a return on its investment, the client was hoping to see at least 20,000 people over the 4-day event. The client was already running a social campaign but was not confident in its effectiveness. The client was hoping to target those who had visited similar events in the past, had visited the restaurants who would be vendors, as well as target those interested in the local food and wine scene.


After consulting with the client about its budget, the target audience and overall goals, we knew that a cross-device mobile to social campaign would be the most effective way to increase awareness and drive attendance to the event.

The following tactics were implemented:

Mobile Portion:
  • Precise Targeting: Drawing a precise polygon around select locations including similar past events and festivals and local restaurants, wineries and breweries.
  • Device Lookback Targeting: Targeting mobile devices previously seen in the polygonned locations.
  • Behavioral Targeting: Targeting mobile users’ devices who share similar interests with those captured in the polygonned locations as well as targeting premade mobile audiences based on interest indicators, locations, behaviors, etc.
  • Campaign Retargeting: Targeting users who had previously clicked the mobile ad.
Social Portion:
  • Device ID Targeting: Importing a list of the device IDs captured from the mobile campaign to continue to target that audience on Facebook and Instagram
  • Outreach Targeting: Targeting users 21+ who have shown interest in or “liked” local events, food & restaurants, local food, concerts, wine, etc.
  • Campaign Retargeting: Targeting users who had previously clicked the social ad.

The Results

In the months leading up to the campaign, the client was pleased with the amount of traffic its Facebook page and website was getting. The client reported almost 10,000 people had shown interest in the event on Facebook.

During the event, the client reported back that almost 30,0000 people were in attendance over the span of the event. Because of the success the client saw in attendance, they planned to renew the campaign the following year to try to increase attendance from the surrounding states. Overall, the client was pleased and attributed the awareness of the event to the digital campaign run in the months prior to the event.