Mobile to Social & Video Success Story

Luxury Car Dealership

Reach your audience:


Increase in Sales


An Audi dealer was looking to increase sales for both Sedans and SUVs. With the end of the year nearing, the dealership needed to clear as many cars off their lot as possible.


The dealership wished to increase sales during the last quarter by at least 30%. This specific dealership had run a display and mobile in app campaign with us in the past and were pleased by those results. For the last three months of the year, they wished to expand the existing campaign, running a mobile to social campaign as well as a video campaign.


Mobile Portion:
  • Precise Targeting: Drawing a precise polygon around select locations including competing dealerships (other area Audi dealership locations as well as Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, etc.) by delivering ads to people who were on the competitors lots on their mobile phones while they were on the lot.
  • Device Matching: Targeting mobile devices similar to those seen in the client’s select list of competing locations.
  • Audience Targeting: Targeting premade mobile “Car Shopper”, “Auto Enthusiasts”, and “High-Income & Luxury” audiences.
Social Portion:
  • Device ID Targeting: Importing a list of the device IDs captured from the mobile campaign to continue to target that audience on Facebook and Instagram
  • Outreach Targeting: Targeting users who have shown interest in or “liked” luxury vehicles, automotive, BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, etc.
  • Campaign Retargeting: Targeting users who had previously clicked the social ad.
Video Portion:
  • Video Instream network targeting of the following networks: Affluent, Automotive, Lifestyle, and News & Info.
  • Behavioral targeting an audience who has demonstrated interest in Auto & Vehicles, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, etc.

The Results

During the duration of this campaign, the client reported that sales increased an average of 35%. One of the three months in particular they saw a significant increase in foot traffic on the lot and had a 40% increase in sales. The client reported that the biggest sales occurred on their A5 and Q7 models. There were also several trade-ins of competing models, including those listed in our targeting efforts. The client was extremely satisfied with these results and decided to continue the campaign into the new fiscal year.