Display Success Story


It’s all about results:


Increase in Site Traffic


A local steakhouse recently finished a renovation and overhauled their food and drink menu. The restaurant is constantly updating their food and drink offerings to stay current. New menu offerings including organic, grass-fed beef and first-rate cocktails, are now available at a premium price point. Due to their premium price point, the restaurant’s typical customers are business executives and people with high levels of disposable income.


Due to the renovation, the restaurant lost some business and would like to get new customers in the door. Additionally, they have been having trouble promoting their food and drink specials. The client expressed interest in mobile in-app targeting and has a new website that he would like to use to promote the specials.


In order to promote their menu and increase foot traffic, we combined various display targeting and mobile in-app targeting components to effectively reach the intended audience and drive traffic to their newly revamped website as well as their restaurant.

  • Retargeting on their site which originally had low starting site-traffic
  • Keyword and behavioral targeting to reach people looking at relevant content including “places to eat,” “things to do in the city,” “food lovers,” and more.
  • Outreach using Business Executives, Affluent Buyer, and Upscale Women Networks
  • Mobile in-app targeting reaching devices seen in competing restaurants, similar devices, as well as utilizing a “high income” audience.

The Results

Since implementing the campaign, the newly renovated steakhouse has had an increase in reservations and started to develop a new customer base. In addition to the increase in foot traffic, their website saw a 20% increase in site traffic.

The monthly reporting that was distributed to them post-campaign showed a high CTR of .34% and overall success of the program in a clear, concise manner.

The client renewed the campaign until further notice for general branding and promotion of their future food and drink specials.