All About Training & Development

To provide advertisers with effective digital programs, the role of a media sales representative is changing from "product seller" to "market planner". As well, the role of the local media operation is changing from media outlet to media planning and placement provider. That is a big leap for sales representatives and for companies accustomed to selling only their product. But, the large revenue opportunity lies in market planning. This is where a 100% share of budget is possible and the fuel for dramatically increasing revenues resides. As for advertisers, they prefer a one stop digital solution - after all, there is only one Internet! The sales representative with the best advertiser relationship has the unique opportunity to be the advertiser's first call to assist, and an opportunity control the entire budget.

This transition does not happen overnight, it requires the commitment of the organization to deliver the revenue potential that digital can afford. To assist in delivering this growth opportunity, we provide the following services to our clients:

Training & Development

As a media provider for many years in the market you already have the most important asset: personal relationships with advertisers. Therefore, training and tools become the keys to unlocking the sales potential your sales staff can provide. Recrue supports market development with webinars, unlimited phone access, in-market training and call support, and seminars for your ad community that demonstrates your commitment to their digital marketing success.

Proposal Development

The proposal is the blueprint that illustrates how the products recommended will effectively work together. We call proposals "market planners" because they provide the road map every advertiser needs to understand how their money will be allocated, over a specified period of time, and demonstrates what results can be expected. To support this crucial function, our proposal development team creates a custom proposal for every sales call our partners request within a 48 hour period.

Campaign Management

We provide strategies that enable campaigns to gain early traction to make the first renewal a non-event, which is critical to building the business. By reviewing the activity of every account every 48 hours, and optimizing weekly, our campaigns maintain a steady spend level while delivering above average results. While we conduct campaigns across multiple platforms specific to computer, video and mobile, our approach to controlled environments means our campaigns will deliver to live audiences normally, protect against click fraud, and produce results that win repeat business.

Reporting Features

While custom proposals drive strong sales, it is the reporting that demonstrates the traction of the program sold and produces the renewals to grow the business. Our partnerships with Acquisio and Click Fuel allow us to provide comprehensive monthly reporting, as well as real-time reporting that allow representatives to meet with their advertisers as often as they like and provide campaign results. Each monthly report provides a fully transparent review so advertisers can review publisher lists that reveal the quality of our "controlled environment" programs.