All About Media Partners

Our media partners have one thing that is incredibly valuable and difficult to replicate... trusted local relationships. Those relationships are the key to developing a new revenue channel through digital sales. Even large scale digital companies who have tried to create local level digital sales programs have not been successful because advertisers want to do business with people they know, and people that live in their community.

Our purpose at Recrue Media is to support local media companies and allow them to capitalize on the value of their long standing relationships in order grow a digital revenue channel. We accomplish that by providing a White Label digital sales and marketing program fully branded to the local media property. The result - the property becomes a turnkey digital media planning and buying facility for all digital display opportunities that exist in the market.

The key to unlocking the digital revenue potential of our partners is our full understanding of the local sales process. We understand that not every sales person has the desire to learn the intricacies of digital media, and so we provide the training and sales tools that allow them to easily present capabilities, and convert those capabilities into media plans that make sense. And that is critical, because no matter how brilliant the digital model provided to the sales team may be, if the sales person cannot communicate it effectively or the advertiser cannot understand it, then all the work is for nothing. But, when a sales person has confidence in their understanding of the program they are offering, they will create the introduction to their advertisers and open the door to their accounts. This is how all markets begin the building process.

Our partnerships today include many of the top media companies including Cox Media Group, Sinclair Broadcasting, Carnegie Communications, Journal Communications, Dispatch Company, Lee Enterprises, Hearst, Summit Media, Apex Broadcasting, Cumulus Media, Entercom Broadcasting, and more. We actively support over 1,000 sales representatives' proposal requests and conduct over 900 active campaigns at any one time.

Our commitment is to provide all the tools your media properties need to successfully implement and sell digital campaigns.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Toni Sampson-Riebe Sr. Director of Digital & Category Sales
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"We have been extremely pleased with the performance and ease of placing buys with Recrue Media. They are incredibly responsive and understand how to create effective client facing materials to support our sales staff. Their products allow us to be competitive in our market with a national reach."
Carnegie Communications
Joe Moore President & Chief Executive Officer
Carnegie Communications
"Recrue's digital training, customized sales tools, and RFP development allows our sales team the freedom to focus on their deep client relationships to create opportunity with a cutting edge program. Their quick attention to requests, strong campaign execution, and extensive reporting gives our sales staff the leverage needed to generate consistent renewals for triple digit revenue growth.