All About Audience Outreach

Properly designed Audience Outreach programs require two components: 1) vast access to ad supply across millions of sites, and 2) narrow targeting to reach the advertisers' intended audience. The ability to confine delivery so the right ad is delivered to the right customer at the right time is a key to success. Therefore, Recrue Media provides our partners access to 95% of all sites that accept advertising through the largest digital marketplaces, and ensure view-ability on only brand safe sites.

To support this capability, we conduct all outreach campaigns in "Controlled Environments," which is a key differentiator. This means our campaigns only include sites we have reviewed personally, have been successful in prior campaigns we've conducted, and we know deliver a verifiable audience. By manually implementing white lists for each campaign, we don't allow ad servers to determine the caliber of a site or the quality of the person available to receive an ad, we control the process so campaigns deliver well all the time. This process is critical to providing transparent reporting that isolates all sites participating in a campaign, and that leads to developing a trust advertisers need to experience in order to continue renewing their programs through our partners.

More importantly, Recrue Media makes the process simple for local sales teams by providing the tools they need to demonstrate these deep audience targeting capabilities, and the training they need to learn how to effectively present and communicate the recommended program. With ongoing sales training, quality sales tools, and strong campaign execution and reporting, salespeople gain the confidence they need to compete effectively for digital ad dollars in their market and beyond.

Audience Targeting Products

Audience Targeted Networks

Advertisers want to know what they are buying and sales people want to know what they are selling! So we provide Audience Network One Sheets that demonstrate who the target audience is, identify an extensive sample of sites included, and an estimation of the impression volume available across regional markets. As a result of the exploding video market, we also provide networks based on video only distribution. These one sheets guide the sales conversation and allow the advertiser to have transparency into the program before spending a dollar.

Keyword Targeting

Search Engines have one primary function in order to provide quality search results - they index every word, on every page, on every website around the world, every day. With that capability in mind, sales people can more easily describe for advertisers the value of Keyword Targeting and how it directs ads to site pages which contain keywords with which they want to associate their product and service. Since many advertisers have keywords functioning within their search marketing programs, they are comfortable expanding to this contextually-based approach. For those advertisers who don't have a keyword list, keyword generators provide a simple starting point.

Behavioral Targeting

Recrue Media works with many large data providers in order to accumulate a vast library of cookies targeting people with specific interests. Our data is limited to 30 days only so the target audience is always new and in-market for the product or service the advertiser offers. As most advertisers are attracted to the idea of finding a "needle in the haystack" based on a highly defined audience, we design proposals to make Behavioral Targeting a portion of a larger campaign since single market buys can make the effectiveness of "BT" on its own challenging at times. By training this approach, sales people can set expectations correctly with their accounts.


Recrue can target campaigns by specific states, DMAs, counties, cities, and zip codes. Geographic targeting allows advertisers to reach potential and returning customers in areas they have already found to be successful, or areas where they are looking to grow their customer base.


  • Video Capability
    Video Capability
    Recrue Media's access to 34,000+ sites means we reach over 90% of the video viewing audience at the local to national level. By organizing these sites into dozens of audience networks, we make it easy to reach Affluent, Business, Education, Health, Family, Technology and many more. Additional features include retargeting, behavioral targeting, and reporting that reveals audience engagement across all devices.
  • Mobile Capability
    Mobile Capability
    Our partners can access billions of impressions in mobile at both the site and app level. By organizing sites and apps into network sales sheets, salespeople can easily present mobile targeting across networks including Financial, Entertainment, Business, News, and dozens more. The integration of audience profiling at the app level allows for specific interest targeting, with the enormous reach of mobile RTB.
  • IP Targeting
    IP Targeting
    Bring a digital solution to direct mail advertisers! By appending the IP address to the physical home address, advertisers can target customers with offers that match their interest. IP targeting is excellent for retailers, HVAC, Auto, and other marketers who know their customer and can provide a compelling offer. A Match-Back report will link product sales to the customer list and reveal the Sales and ROI of the campaign.